Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada
Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada

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As much as possible, we can custom design a project to suit your budget and needs. Fees to complete a memoir based on recorded interviews vary widely depending on the number of interview hours. If you wish to then publish the manuscript in book form, we discuss your options such as cover, interior design and number of copies.


Your Heritage Memoir project is carefully managed start to finish. Here is a typical scenario:

Free 1-hour project consultation
  • We talk about what you want your project to cover. Will you focus on one aspect of your life or business? Will more than one person be contributing to the book? This is where we begin to get to know each other and set up a schedule of interviews.
Interviewing & recording
  • We collect the stories and information that will go into the book. This is done through a series of relaxed, enjoyable interviews in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Each project is unique, but the number of interview hours needed for a full life story is usually in the range of 6 to 16. Interviews can be conducted over a matter of days or spread out over several months - you decide. As much as possible, we will accommodate your schedule.
  • You have complete control over what material goes into the final product; you can add or delete anything you wish.
  • The digital recordings are transcribed.
Editing & shaping the transcripts into an engaging narrative
  • We remove the interviewer's questions, organize the text, delete the "ums" and repetitions, do any necessary re-writing, edit and polish. Voice and character are retained; your words in print will sound as though you're talking directly to the reader.
Revising & proofreading
  • After you have read the manuscript and made any corrections or deletions, we revise and proofread and return it to you for final approval.
Book production
  • If you want to publish your manuscript, we scan your selection of photographs, consult with you about captions, and design and lay out the book to your liking. Once you have approved it, it's off to the printer and binder, and your books will be delivered in about 10 weeks. Want to sell your book? We can place it on Amazon and other outlets. We can also produce an e-book for the iPad, Kindle and other devices.

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Make a payment
Heritage Memoirs - Memoir-writing service Cobourg Ontario Canada